Tuesday, February 11, 2014

#1Tutorial-How to make a Vintage Brooch Wedding Bouquet

Vintage Brooch Wedding Bouquet
Here is my main inspiration picture
that I created(can be bought at my MY ETSY SHOP)
One- of- a- kind!
I bought most of my brooches on a treasure
hunt, going to flea markets, & antique shops!
Make it Fun!  You can also have family heirlooms like rhinestones to put in your bouquet!

Now how to:
     Supplies:  30-40 Brooches
                     Floral tape
                     Needle-nosed pliers
                     Glue gun
                     Floral Steam Wire
                     Ribbon, Satin material 
                     Floral Bouquet Holder
                     Foam ball
                     Millay Velvet Rose(optional)

Now lets get started & have fun!

1. Wrap form ball with satin, tight with wire knot. Cut off material.

 2.  Take the floral holder and cut off plastic around
edges.  Put your form ball on top of this holder. 

3.  Use the floral steam wire to insert into the fabric~covered oasis ball & holder. Making sure the ball is tight, & secure!

4.  Take your wire, & put into brooches, pins rhinestone or whatever you would like to put on your Brooch Wedding Bouquet.  And make it your own!
Insert them all into your form ball, with wire.

5.  Add ribbon, this is a Millary Velvet Rose(optional)
from a vintage wedding gown.  Be creative!

6.  Finish your bouquet with satin on the back of the
floral bouquet holder.  And your done!  It will be a Keepsake!  Have it years to come!

You can see this Brooch Wedding Bouquet at
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Have fun making one or don't have the time, you can buy one at my Etsy Shop!
If I can be of any help or any question just email me.