Friday, August 29, 2014

Small Town USA

Welcome to My Blog!
Can you believe that school has started & in just a few days
it will be September!
This year, summer has flown by & I wish I could get it to slow down,
just a bit.  Do you remember when you were a kid, the summer
would drag & boarding by August
Before you know it ~ We are in Fall projects and then the Holidays.
Here's what I shared this week!
Trying to hold on to these beautiful days & take you to small town
in the center of Milford, Connecticut
My Hubby & I took this  ride on our bike to show
you how beautiful it is in a small town USA. 
Right before Christmas I will be doing a Wedding with my Wedding Bouquets
and Accessories.
Can't wait to shown you!
You don't want to miss a post.
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It was so good to see you all in blog land!
Happy trails to you
Blessings & Hugs

Sunday, August 24, 2014



Sharing with my readers in Blog Land
Martha's Favorites
Wonderful blog & wonderful tea cups
I know how we love our Tea Cups
Take a peek, & do come right back here,
at Casual Elegance by Beverly Girolomo!

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Where Women Create!

My Country Cottage~My Studio
Come & Enjoy these pictures of My Country Cottage
Take a break, have a cup of tea & enjoy!
The journey with me!
Outside my Studio!

This is a place build in my back yard.
That my husband build, now girls don't think it started out that way.
He was going to build a shed for himself!
I got involved between him & me, it got bigger & bigger.
And of coarse I had to put french doors up, etc.etc.

It is such a charming place, I have used it for so many things

This was a place that I taught "One Stroke Painting" that I got my certification to teach
"One Stroke Painting" with Donna Dewbury
This is me & Donna Dewberry Of "ONE STROKE PAINTING
When on a painting cruise with Donna.   We had our  face painted for Saturday night!  What a Blast! 

Which was a turning point for me!
I began to paint, do crafts, sewing you name it I did it. Well if you do any of this,
you will know what happen next.  My house got fill up, with pretties, so great ideal,
moved everything out to the cottage!
The shed became my cottage!
Let take a look inside!

Daisy Likes to go the Country Cottage
This was a place that I taught "One Stroke Painting" that I got my certification to teach
"One Stroke Painting" with Donna Dewberry
As time went on I started to show my creation to shop owners, which I sold from
THEIR shop! And they came to my Country Cottage, to see what I have, & some bought.
Never did I looked back!
Casual Elegance Boutique, became who I am today!
In 2010 I join the computer world, with a website, not having any experience.
And in 2013 doing my first "Blog"
What's Next!
God only knows, do follow me on my blog, DIY,S, Blog To Shop, Travel, Wedding,
And so much more....well dear heats so glad we had this time together!
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Will be adding other women, & what they have created, & places, in up coming post!
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