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I am an Artist, Designer & Owner of Casual Elegance Boutique- Exclusive Online!
   I also added a new Shop on Etsy for Bridal Bouquets Handmade, Accessories & More
And my new blog "Blog to Shop" Casual Elegance by Beverly Girolomo
Do join us, & lets have fun!
My Husband Harry, Friend, & Soul Mate!


 I have decided to do a blog, called Casual Elegance by Beverly Girolomo is a home of all elegant things in Life.  From handmade items to hand painted works of art.  From weddings bouquets & everything that falls in between, I decided to share this blog, my things that I have created over the years, & new products that you could purchase. Right here on the "Blog to Shop"

I Like Romantic Style, Shabby Chic, French Market, Handmade Gifts, Vintage inspired, Bridal Bouquets & More.. Specializing in unique gifts, for the home or just for You...  I love roses, chandeliers, whites, creams, charcoal, pinks, turquoise, glitter, crowns & toil fabrics, vintage style...old to chic.. Do stop by at different-times, will be having new items, & lots of pictures! Letting you know, I appreciate you! Have a great day, & do come back soon, & don't forget to add a comment, would love to hear from you! Blessing & Hugs, Beverly

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