Saturday, November 29, 2014

Christmas Burlap project from last year! I thought it would be great to repeat!

Making this Burlap place mats & centerpiece for your Christmas table,
set up, will add to your Holidays Spirit!
Do for Gifts, Decorating And easy Tutorial 
 to do!
Or just because!

Start with Burlap
Cut burlap in a square, for the edges pull off burlap to make frayed edges.

Make it fun!

I had this Burlap Basket from last year, that I bought at Home Goods
I tight it with a red bow around
the top.
And fill with branches from the yard!

This created a lovely center piece!
What do you think?

Add dishes to your tablet decor!
I hand painted this charter plate & wine glass.
The idea is to keep all the colors together
to match the decor!
I used red, green, white & gold.

That's it!!! 
 Items:  1.  Burlap  2. Dishware  3. Burlap container or Basket 
4.   Branches from the yard, buy holly from the store,
or cut some branches from your Christmas tree
5. Add your Santa or Christmas item! 
And that's it!
I hope you enjoy this Tutorial!
Have a Blessed Christmas!
Happy almost December everyone!!

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Peanut Butter Cheesecake and Graham Cracker House!

Fun Holiday Recipes
Wouldn't this be great for Thanksgiving!
Good Morning!  How are my bloggers & readers?
With so much going on this time of the year!  I really didn't have time
to do a recipe but I came across
Peanut Butter Cheesecake and Graham Cracker House
by Susan Meyers
I thought I would share this recipe with you and looks so yummy!
I always wanted to do a Graham Cracker House!
So girls I am going to put in favors,
when I have time I will have it at my finger tips.
Click on the link below, will bring you their.
Have fun!
Do let me know if you try Susan Meyers Recipes
Fun Holiday Recipes- Peanut Butter Cheesecake  &
 Graham Cracker Houses! - See more at:

Saturday, November 8, 2014

our vintage home love: Fall Porch Ideas

our vintage home love: Fall Porch Ideas: I probably say this every year but I think I had the most fun this year decorating our porch for Fall.   I do love this time of year and I t...

I so enjoyed seeing "Our Vintage Home Love" - Decorating for the Fall I had to share it you.
Diana used from nature hay bales, corn stalks, mums & pumpkins.
Wishing all my FRIENDS on my blog.
Blessing & Hugs!

Friday, November 7, 2014

Fashion ~ A Stunning Flapper Style, Great Gatsby Headbands! Great for a wedding or Holidays!

New Creation ~ Downton Abbey's ~ Great Gatsby ~ This 1920s flapper style head piece
  is perfect accessory
 for the Gatsby Gala, roaring 20' fancy party,
ball/prom or wedding!
This gorgeous headband is a flapper style
with a large gray ribbon & black lace.

You decide whether to wear it flapper style across the forehead or 
atop the head for more a classic and modern look!

This all started with my granddaughter Jasmine Shea, I asked her
what would you like to do, she said, make HEADBANDS. 
So I started checking out headbands WOW! I found so many,
I decided to make Great Gatsby Headbands.  Also I found out Downton Abbey is going to start for another 6th time & more.. accessories
for the hair.  It is popping up ever where.
This is what I came up with!

Wedding Headband 1920's Bridal Hair Accessory

Have fun & pick your favor!

For your next great occasion, wedding  or gift for someone special!
Or just to have fun!

I real enjoyed making these headbands,
But I have one more to show you!

Fascinator Headdress!
A fascinator is a ladies headpiece that acts as an accent
piece in the hair.  According to British milliner Anuccia,
the feather and flower accessories became popular
in the 18th century as an
eye-catching topper for elaborate to hairstyles
 of the day.
As retro fashion and hats have come back into style,
so have fascinator!

My first fascinator headdress

What do you think?

 All my headbands & headpiece
Have a favor??????

Well there you have it.  I loved creating these hair fashion with you,
if you would like to see them at my Etsy Shop of more of my creativity,

Thank you always for your thoughts & kind comments on my
hand bands crazy.
I will be working on more hand bands, corsages, baby flowers, brooches, that could be use
for a wedding,  Mother of the Bride, Anniversary, Easter, Mother's Day, birthday hat, sash, purse, etc.
Pin it on your clothes, sash, tote bag, belt, hat, for a dress up look.
Even pin it on a pillow and you can always unpin and wear as a brooch!
Look for more things to come!

Have a wonderful week!