Saturday, September 28, 2013

The Durham Fair-Harvest Time!

Went to the Fair yesterday
Would like to show you some pictures,
I took!
That's Me!
Beverly Girolomo
 A great time of the year, Autumn in Connecticut!

 4H is about the country, kids taking care of the animals, & showing them at the Fair.
They win ribbons-for the best.  They put a lot of time & love into each animal,
& they are very proud!
To win their ribbons....
 the fair goes for 4 days & you may see their owners sleeping in the hay with their animals,
that's love..

 Also you would love, the different categories, that women make from handmade sweaters
too blankets, clothing,  you name it will be here!
Flowers, who could grow the largest pumpkin!
And food, hum!
That's all I want to say, unbelievable hum!
I am not a country girl, but going their makes you feel like you are!