Friday, January 3, 2014

Make a Hat & Scarf out of a Turtleneck Sweater Tutorial

Simple Tutorial
Have Fun
Come up with more Ideals!
This is the first post of the year!  Being January it is cold here in New England,  Connecticut.
So I came up with this easy tutorial, looks chic & will keep you warm. 
Use an old turtleneck sweater that you love
an cut into 5 pieces

The turtleneck piece of the scarf will be
used as a hat or ban for keeping ears warm. 
Great for winter sports!

You can add pin(optional) I choice an angel

The bottom of the piece of the sweater
I used as the scarf, the largest piece.
You can do more things, see what you come up
with & be creative!
         1. Old Turtleneck Sweater  2. Scissor  3.  Pin
(Optional)  4.  Sew around edges of the sweater,
that up to you.

That's it have fun!
Keep warm, and look Chic
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