Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Tutorial~Have old jewelry~turn it into a master piece!

Sterling Silver Vintage Rhinestone Pin
This sterling silver baby spoon,
that a grandmother kept & pass it down to her
Can be may into this gorgeous bling pin!
1. You can start with a fine piece of jewelry, add a earring, brooch, rhinestones, you
be the creator!  Come up with something unique!  Have fun!

2.  Use E6100 Pro-Grade Adhesive to add your creation.   3.  Set on the side and let it dry, I know you are going
to ask me how long, a few hours or more..don't be in a hurry.

4.  Add a faster or clip to the back of sterling silver baby spoon, to make it a pin. You can get these items Micheals, JoAnn's,  Hobby Lobby.   5.  You will
need to put E6100 Adhesive, onto your faster, and let dry.
A great piece of jewelry, rhinestones, pearls, whatever you like, group them together.
Faster or clip for a pin.
E6100 Adhesive
Make it FUN!
This is a Custom Piece, for a clinent, if you would like me to my you one.  Go to my
Etsy Shop Click {will take you their, [Custom work]
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