Wednesday, March 11, 2015

A girl should be two things Classy & Fabulous

Fashion & Style
A girl should be two things
Classy & Fabulous
CoCo Chanel
What a great statement!
Everyone deserves
to feel

What has happen to us ladies?
 Have you noticed or is just me!
Over weight, doesn't seem to care, sloppy.  Nails done but no make-up. Talks like a sailor, with more tattoos than a sailor. We don't have to be
skinney or wear the lastest but let's get back
to neat, sweet, smile, classy & fabulous!
Call me old fashion, that's fine!
All though I don't think I am just like nice things, &
try my best to look good.
But I have found lately the older I get
the harder it is to look good, so I guess I have to work at it more.
Its just me talking, if you have an added comment I
would like to hear it!

 It makes my day to hear from my friends!
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