Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving Season!

Happy Thanksgiving Season!
I have so many things that I am Thankful For

 Things I'm Thankful For:

A wonderful husband that always their, we may have days like everyone else,
3 Wonderful church's, that have my church family & friends,
the freedom to worship my Savior, which is very important for me,
2 Homes, one that I can get away in the winter,
I don't have good health, but I am thankful that it isn't worse,
Living in America, I am proud to be & thankful, I could have been born with no freedom,
I have may little dog Daisy, that is so faithful,
My Online business, that I have meet a lot of wonderful people & friends,
My art & creativity the comes from the Father above.....
Yes I am always Thankful for...what I have, what more can I ask for.....
Happy Thanksgiving Season!