Sunday, November 24, 2013

Christmas Burlap Place Mats & Christmas Center Piece Tutorial

Making this Burlap place mats & centerpiece for your Christmas table,
set up, will add to your Holidays Spirit!
And easy to do!
Cut burlap in a square, for the edges put of the burlap
to make a frayed edge.
 Add dishes to your tablet decor!
I hand painted this charter plate & wine glass
The idea is to keep all the colors together
to match the decor!
I used red, green, white & gold.
Last year I bought this burlap basket, from Home Goods,
I put red ribbon around it, & fill it
with branches from the yard.
The idea is too have fun!

Items:  1.  Burlap  2. Dishware  3. Burlap container or Basket  
4.   Branches from the yard or buy holly from the store
5. Add your Santa or Christmas item! 
And that's it!
I hope you enjoy this Tutorial!
Have a Blessed Christmas!


Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Christmas Gift~Have for a life time~Prime time~Feburary~Prime Location~Florida~Near Disney

Buy the Best Christmas Gift
For you, & the family,
that you will have forever!
Orange Lake Resorts & Country Club!
If interest or have questions
just leave a
comment below!
Thank You, Beverly


The surroundings are so clean
 beautiful, & peaceful, you think you are in
another world!

One of the restaurants at Orange Lake!
Fun Fun Fun & more Fun!

Inside your Villa

Rent a Cabana for the Day
or week!


Beautiful swimming pools, yes more than 3 you can
pick your favor, or do a different one each day!
If you like golf, this is the place for you.
You can even golf at night, the golf course
is lite up!


Sunday, November 17, 2013

Painting Roses, Bows & Wysteria

Why not give Art for Christmas
or treat yourself!
by the artist Beverly Girolomo
Roses, Bows & Wysteria
#Art #Christmasgift #Painting #Roses,Bows,Wysteria

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Glitz & Glamor Christmas Stocking

Glitz & Glamor Fleece Christmas Stocking!
Add a little glitz & glamor
to the year Christmas décor!
This gorgeous Christmas stocking could be
hung from your fireplace,
to use a wrapping for a gift,
or hold accessories in your powder room!
What ever you decided this
Christmas stocking will add sparkle
to your Holiday Décor!
Thank You for visiting!

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Winter is here in New England Connecticut!

The first snow fall of the Season!
It is all ways so beautiful the first snow fall!
But I am cozy in the home, busy making my
 Christmas Tags
for the Christmas Season!
Seeing who the Christmas Angel
 may visit this year!
Will be making a Christmas Stocking
to be hung on the mantel!

Friday, November 8, 2013

Christmas Special~Hand Painted Porcelain Baby Shoe

Christmas Special!
Baby Shoe made of porcelain hand painted pink roses, will make a great gift for the little one!
Turn over the shoe, on the bottom is written a
verse from the bible  Proverbs 22:6 "Train up a
child, & when she is old with not depart from
the good teaching"

Click below will take you their

Christmas Special~Hand Painted Baby Boy Porcelian Shoe!

Christmas Special!
Baby shoe made of porcelain hand painted blue, white, & yellow daisy. Will make a great gift!
Turn over the shoe, on the bottom is written
a verse from the bible
Proverbs 22:6~"Train up a child, & when he is old
will not depart from good teaching"
Christmas Special $18
#Christmas Special #Christmas Gift #Hand Painted #Casual Elegance Boutique

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving Season!

Happy Thanksgiving Season!
I have so many things that I am Thankful For

 Things I'm Thankful For:

A wonderful husband that always their, we may have days like everyone else,
3 Wonderful church's, that have my church family & friends,
the freedom to worship my Savior, which is very important for me,
2 Homes, one that I can get away in the winter,
I don't have good health, but I am thankful that it isn't worse,
Living in America, I am proud to be & thankful, I could have been born with no freedom,
I have may little dog Daisy, that is so faithful,
My Online business, that I have meet a lot of wonderful people & friends,
My art & creativity the comes from the Father above.....
Yes I am always Thankful for...what I have, what more can I ask for.....
Happy Thanksgiving Season!

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Princess Tiara Wedding "Blog to Shop"

Blog to Shop

 Princess Tiara

Love this tiara!  Every women should have one
to wear for her wedding,
a birthday or
just cleaning the house.
It makes you feel pretty & like a princess
just having it on!
It measures about 15" in length

#Ready to ship #Wedding Accessory #Tiara
#Etsy Shop

Just Click to Shop

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make my day!~

Friday, November 1, 2013

Casual Elegance by Beverly Girolomo

Casual Elegance by Beverly Girolomo : Welcome!: Casual Elegance by Beverly Girolomo :   is a home of all elegant things in Life.  From handmade items to hand painted works of art.   From wedding bouquets & everything that falls in between. After two long years I have decided to share this blog! I guess I'm a blogger now. Come join me, lets have fun!  {Just leave your email, thanks!

My Goal: I want you the reader, to realize that it fun to start something new
maybe you always wanted too, but didn't have the time, family comment or what every the reason,
but now things have changed in your Life, & maybe now is the time to start something new. 
I hope to give you creative things to make,
we will conquer our fears & make something amazing!
If I can do it so could You! Not sure where to start?
What is your love or passion?
Share with me what you like to do,
lets get started!
#Blogger #Starting something New #Love & Passion