Monday, June 2, 2014

Tutorial: China plates & tea cups moscia jewelry!

I thought I would share this tutorial with you today, to show what goes into making moscia jewelry! 
Using china plates & tea cups broken to make a master piece of Mosaic Jewelry! 
I started with these gorgeous china pieces, then I break them up.
"Sometimes our life is broken, when we submit to Him, then God comes along & puts the
pieces together!"  {A quote, from Nancy Olliver Moscia Artist} When I was in Florida this past
winter, she taught the class.  In Venice, Florida.  
Then I think of a theme, & how I'm going to use my mosaic, on a bracelet, or necklace.  This
bracelet above
was made from 3 china cups, 
was the pattern
One of a kind, cannot be duplicated, this bracelet SOLD, to some lucky person on facebook.
Then I gather vintage jewelry, rhinestones, bling, pearls, all sort of pretties!
The large pieces I use an professional adhesive,
put it all together with grout!
WOW, you get a master piece, one of a kind jewelry!
Or you can purchase one at my Etsy Shop.
I tryed to make it simple for you to follow.  I hope I did!
If you are in the Florida area, you can always look up Nancy @ The Mosaic Mermaid!
And take a class!
Just have fun!

 Very unique!  One of a kind!  For that special occasion, for that special day{Your wedding!
Or just wear with your jeans!
 It truly makes a fashion statement!
Supplies~Putting your tea cup moscia together with a
A moscia cutter
China plates & tea cup handle
Rhinestones, vintage charm, pendent  
Professional adhesive
Jump ring, tag, silver cable chain
Here is your unique tea cup moscia tea cup tag necklaces
Just listed!
This moscia tea cup tag necklaces 
 Tag Necklace China Moscia, Handmade, Vintage Pendant, Blue & White, Tea Cup, Bling, Special Occasion, Special Day, Moon Stone, Great Gift!
Will take you their! 
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