Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Following a garden path from Spring into Summer!

Let's Embrace the Seasonal Slender
that flourishes close to home!
The first place I am going to take you is
"Taken for Granite"
Located in Madison, Ct.
When my husband & I our out for a ride this is one place
that I always have to stop in!
For a visit!
Come with me & open the door, to visit with us!


One of the first Signs of Spring is always
tulips & apple blossoms!
Don't you just love this shop!

What a Beautiful little gem, gift shop, Thank you, "TAKEN FOR GRANITE"
for visiting with you, until the next time!
And I thank you also for visiting us on our blog & in blogger land!
I will be added more places, so do come back!
Thank you for taking the time to comment...It is so appreciated!
Blessings & Hugs