Saturday, July 19, 2014

Lets go down MEMORY LANE!

Not real knowing what I am going to post.  Thinking of Brides!
And on their special day!
It should be the happiness day of her LIFE!
It is real her day!
And the groom will have her for the rest of his Life!
Make sure you try to pick the right one!
That's a big STATEMENT!
How do you know, because you real get to know a person when you live
with them, & sometimes it takes years, & because of time it changes people too.
Someone said, recently get to know the family before you make the comment.
Remember you married the family too!
Maybe you can add a comment, on your marriage!
How long have you been married?
Any advice?
Or little phase that you pick up a long the way?
Lets have time out, & think a bit!
Now that you had time out!
Would you like to share!  Would love to hear from you!  All my friends in blog land.
Have a great day!