Sunday, January 25, 2015

A new year, new things, that I will be sharing & working on!

 Hi all my readers & bloggers!  I have taking a long break from the bitter cold in the northeast.  I am down here in sunny Florida.  Loving every minute.   We had a great time last night with our dear friends Dave, Janice's & family,  they had a lovely steak dinner.  Delicious & so enjoyed their company! Wonderful friends & neighbors.

 Now this is my time to get my created juices flowing! I am getting my thoughts & things   together!  What I will be doing for this coming year!

 I have some great news to share. Right on my facebook page "Vintage Weddings- Casual Elegance Boutique"   I have a button at the top on my page that says SHOP NOW click on it & will ...take you right to my Etsy Shop! How cool is that?

 This is a collage sample below,  of things  I have added to my Etsy shop, things  I will be working on, & got a lot of inspiration from many different location!  To share with you! 

"Vintage Wedding Chic" is the name of my Etsy shop. You will be able to see my goodies, that I am  working on  & some great things you don't want to miss.    I am very excited!  Kindly let me know what you think!                                  
      Take Care, until I see you again!