Friday, July 10, 2015

Tutorial ~How to make a Ruffle Chiffon Fabric Rose

 Ruffle Chiffon Fabric Rose You see Fabric flowers popping up every where, so I thought I would share with you.   That's what we are going to make today.  Isn't it gorgeous? Easy to make.  Easy Tutorial, just follow along.

How to make Hair Accessories that are beautiful & easy to make!  Pictured hair accessory tutorial teach you how to make DIY  Ruffle Chiffon Fabric Rose Flower.  You can show off your own style by accessorizing your hair, for your big day, fashion on a jacket, bag, or add to home d├ęcor for a shabby chic style, any accessory imaginable.  Complete with pictured instruction on "how to make"


*  chiffon fabric
*  needle & thread
*  button or pearl
*  hair clip or brooch  pin
*  felt
*  hot glue


  First decide how big you want your flower.  For the big flowers I used one 2½ inch strip and one 1½ inch strip.  You want the large strip to be at least 42 inches long,   For the smaller strip, you may need only a little bit, or none at all.  Just play around and you will see.

Fold your chiffon in half .  Take your needle & thread and do a gather stitch.  Or use a sewing machine, use a running stitch and gather.  Which works eases for you.  I started with a gather stitch, by hand, so I stayed with that, easy for me.

Pull your thread to make a it gathering.

Cut a circle from your felt that will be the base of your flower.  Fold the end of one end of the chiffon rose under the felt and tack with glue onto the back like shown.

  Take hot glue and run a small strip along the other edge, then follow around the circle with the hot glue right along the raw edge like in the picture, until you reach the end.

When you reach the last inch, just put a dab in the center and while tucking the end and twisting,
press onto the glue.

Add a button or decorated jewel onto the center.  Take it threw the back & tie a good knot. Or you can glue the button on too.

Using hot glue onto the felt circle add  the clip , and you're finished!
This is a hair clip

Or you can put a brooch pin, for clothing, etc.

Finally, all you have to do is decided how you'll use your gorgeous ruffle rose.  You can add them to gift boxes, filled a bowl with them and add some to vignettes, use it for a brooch corsage on your big.

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