Saturday, September 19, 2015

FALL: Welcome to Casual Elegance here's what I want to shared with you....Fall Scenery, Outside Decor & Fall Durham Fair

Fall In New England
A time of perfect days.  The mornings are cool,
the days are mild & beautiful!
The scenery is breath taking...I am going to take
you on a journey...fall in New England, Ct.
at Sleeping Gaint Park...5 minutes from my home.

Sleeping Gaint Park is located right in the heart of Quinnipiac University.
Do we have any who are attending this college or has.  Live in the area?  Leave us a comment, would love
to hear from you.

Outside Fall Decoration (d├ęcor), around town!

On my front door, done in purple.

Going to the Durham Fair!

That's me inside of the pumkin!

It's nice how everyone gets involve in the fair, & puts their things that they worked
on all year.  And for the best a blue ribbon.
Super job everyone I give you a special ribbon, for getting involve & doing your best!
And don't forgive theirs always next year!