Saturday, November 29, 2014

Christmas Burlap project from last year! I thought it would be great to repeat!

Making this Burlap place mats & centerpiece for your Christmas table,
set up, will add to your Holidays Spirit!
Do for Gifts, Decorating And easy Tutorial 
 to do!
Or just because!

Start with Burlap
Cut burlap in a square, for the edges pull off burlap to make frayed edges.

Make it fun!

I had this Burlap Basket from last year, that I bought at Home Goods
I tight it with a red bow around
the top.
And fill with branches from the yard!

This created a lovely center piece!
What do you think?

Add dishes to your tablet decor!
I hand painted this charter plate & wine glass.
The idea is to keep all the colors together
to match the decor!
I used red, green, white & gold.

That's it!!! 
 Items:  1.  Burlap  2. Dishware  3. Burlap container or Basket 
4.   Branches from the yard, buy holly from the store,
or cut some branches from your Christmas tree
5. Add your Santa or Christmas item! 
And that's it!
I hope you enjoy this Tutorial!
Have a Blessed Christmas!
Happy almost December everyone!!