Wednesday, March 2, 2016

10 Top Wedding Colors for Spring 2016

The 10 Top Wedding Colors for Spring 2016
Gorgeous colors, I'm sharing my information 
from Pinterest is from Elegant Wedding Invites 

pantone 2016 spring color green flash and navy blue wedding color ideas
When talking about nude colors, muted shades like tan, beige, cream or blush came into my mind, which is perfect for the bride who’s classy, delicate and chic. Today we’re going back to the classic and bringing you these great nude wedding color palettes for your big day. 
Beautiful Beige & Pink 
As a corsage, add to your hair, I could put in your 
bridal bouquet.
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LOVE SPRING! I will be showing a whats new exciting things and will be adding my touch
what's for Spring 2016 at Vintage Wedding Chic Coming Soon!
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